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The Centre for studies in Disability and Law aspires to spearhead and contribute to the development of the interdisciplinary theoretical research, and advocacy frameworks necessary to remove the social, legal, physical, policy, and attitudinal barriers that exclude people with disabilities. We at the Centre for the studies of disability and law focus on disability as a human rights issue and support the full participation and equality of disabled people.

Research on disability is a vibrant and diverse area of academic inquiry. Any single academic discipline cannot place a claim on Disability Studies. The Centre for studies in disability and law at the National Law University, Delhi draws upon multiple disciplines which include political science, law sociology, policy studies, economics, anthropology, geography, philosophy, gender studies, media studies, architecture, in order to understand the social, cultural, and political situation of people with disabilities. Research and advocacy on disability has the potential to benefit people with disabilities as well as the wider society by the participation and presence of people with disabilities in our schools, our neighbourhoods, our workplaces, and in our lives.

The Centre for Studies in Disability and Law focuses on partnership building with national regional and global institutions and organisations as a central component of its strategic development, research and advocacy. It emerges from out conviction that cosmopolitanism and interculturality are prerequisites to successful and meaningful research. It requires partners, collaborative projects and research themes and regular exchange of ideas of the research results creating synergies across disability research networks.

Key Objectives:

  1. Identify research and advocacy priorities which will support full participation and equality of disabled people in India
  2. Contribution to the existing knowledge fund and information about the methods and approaches used by researchers in India and internationally the field of studies on disability and law
  3. Build a strong research team with expertise in research on disability with a commitment to disabled people’s participation in research
  4. Engage as active participant in the development of collaborative ideas for future research projects
  5. Emerge as a nodal Centre for studies, research and advocacy on Disability and Law in South Asia

Structure and Composition:

Director Prof.(Dr.) Maheshwar Singh Professor (Political Science), NLU Delhi
Advisor Prof. Anil Kumar Rai Professor (Law), NLU Delhi
Advisor Dr. Amrita Mishra Director, Project Concern International (PCI)
Advisor Prof.(Dr.) Koen De Feyter Faculty of Law, University of Antwerp, Belgium