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The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC) was set up in 2015 with the aim of supporting academic and policy-oriented dialogue in the individual and intersectional areas of innovation, intellectual property (IP), and competition. Since its inception, it has been engaged in intensive and extensive research on important contemporary issues in these areas. While some of its research projects focus on inquiries into niche areas, some others focus on unique questions relating to heavily discussed areas. The strength of this centre lies in its emphasis on empirical and interdisciplinary approaches to research which ensure holistic insights into its focal areas.

The projects undertaken by CIIPC delve into diverse areas such as open science, open innovation, the interrelationship and interactions between IP and startups, the interface of patents and competition law, and working requirements of patents. Moreover, the centre is in the process of developing comprehensive and high-quality open access textbooks on IP and competition laws. In an attempt to share knowledge and invite feedback, details of various project outputs have been made available on the CIIPC website. Further details of ongoing projects and project outputs can be accessed on the ‘Projects’ and ‘Resources’ sections of the CIIPC website.

Apart from focusing on its primary research projects, CIIPC has always taken numerous initiatives towards fostering discussion and capacity-building. It has conducted many workshops, conferences, talks, and courses focusing on areas like empirical methods; interfaces of innovation, IP, and competition law among one another; and relationships of IP and competition with other subjects such as trade law. CIIPC has invited renowned scholars- and other relevant stakeholders such as prominent professionals and industry specialists- from across the world in the capacity of resource persons for its events. Moreover, these events have seen enthusiastic participation from scholars and professionals from across India and the Asia-Pacific region. The ‘Events’ section of the CIIPC website offers a detailed account of concluded, ongoing, and upcoming efforts in this regard.

Apart from the projects and events mentioned here, many more initiatives are in the pipeline for CIIPC. The centre is always open to growth and improvement through internal deliberation and external feedback. Therefore, you are invited to visit the official website of CIIPC ( and contact  the centre at in case you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or criticism in relation to its work.

The details of the current members of CIIPC are provided below:


Name Designation Email id
Dr Arul George Scaria Co-Director
Mr Yogesh Pai Co-Director
Mr Rajiv Bhatia Office Manager
Ms Priyanka Choudhary Research Fellow (Law)
Ms Rameshwari Research Fellow (Law)
Mr Satheesh Menon Research Fellow (Economics)
Ms Shreyashi Ray Research Fellow (Law)
Ms Shrinkhala Jaiswal Research Fellow (Law)
Mr Swarnim Shrivastava Research Fellow (Law)