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Prof.(Dr.) G.S. Bajpai Prof.(Dr.) G.S. Bajpai
011- 28034253
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Prof.(Dr.) Ruhi Paul Prof.(Dr.) Ruhi Paul
011- 28034253
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Mr. Subhash C.  Lather Mr. Subhash C. Lather
Joint Registrar
Mr. V.Sriram Mr. V.Sriram
Principal Private Secretary
Mr. Anil S. Menon Mr. Anil S. Menon
Principal Private Secretary

01. Dr.(Mrs.) Priya Rai University Librarian 011-28035818
02. Dr. Akash Singh Assistant Librairan  
03. Dr. Samar Iqbal Bakhshi Assistant Librairan  
04. Mrs. Sangita Singh Profesional Assistant (Library)  
05. Ms. Reena Khatri Profesional Assistant (Library)  
06. Ms. Sunita Devi Sr. Assistant  
07. Mr. Ashish Kumar Sr. Assistant  
01. Mr. Manish Kumar Deputy Registrar  
02. Mr. Vijay Prakash Pandey Assistant Registrar  
03. Mr. Mool Chand Paliwal Assistant Registrar  
04. Mr. Narender Singh Manager (Students Service)  
05. Mr. Ravi Kanojia Private Secretary  
06. Mrs. Bhawna Private Secretary  
07. Ms. Seema Private Secretary  
08. Ms. Reena Section Officer  
09. Mrs. Vandana Bhotia Section Officer  
10. Mr. CS Suraj Senior Assistant  
11. Ms. Indu Sharma Sr. Stenographer  
12. Mr. Tara Singh Assistant  
13. Mr. Himanshu Aggarwal Assistant  
14. Ms. Renu Uppal Assistant  
15. Mr. Savan Junior Assistant  
16. Mr. Rohit Lohchab Junior Assistant  
17. Mr. Nishant Rana Junior Assistant  
18. Mr. Ashish Rohilla Junior Assistant  
01. Mr. Virender Singh Negi Assistant Registrar  
02. Mr. Madan. S. Rawat Assistant  
03. Mr. Jagdish Chandra Lohumi Assistant  
01. Mr. Virender Singh Negi Assistant Registrar  
02. Ms. Jyoti Antil Section Officer  
03. Mr. R.Ganesh Kumar Sr. Assistant  
04. Ms. Savita Senior Assistant  
05. Mr. Vijay Kumar Assistant  
06. Mr. Sunil Sharma Assistant  
01. Mr. Virender Singh Negi Assistant Registrar  
02. Ms. Savita Senior Assistant  
03. Ms. Renu Uppal Assistant  
Technical Staff
01. Mr. Baldev Singh Technician (Electrical A/V)  
02. Mr. A.K. Bhati AE(Electrical)  
03. Mr. Tapan Biswas Consultant (Technical)  
04. Mr. Sher B.Chhetri Electrician  
Health Centre
01. Ms. Yogita Staff Nurse  
Guest House
01. Mr. Moolchand Paliwal Assistant Registrar  
Information Technology Department
01. Mr. Gurjinder Singh Technical Officer  
02. Mr. Rohit Nayak Technical Assistant  
Multi Tasking Staff
01. Mr. Durga B.Chhetri Cook    
02. Mr. Krishna Kant Ray MTS    
03. Mrs. Savitri Negi MTS    
04. Mr. Rattan Singh MTS    
05. Mr.  Amit Kumar MTS    
06. Mr. Ramesh Kumar MTS    
07. Mr.  Sachin Kumar MTS    
08. Mr. Kamal P. Belbase Cook    
09. Mr. Manipal MTS    
10. Mr. Pankaj Kumar MTS    
11. Mr. Rajpal Plumber    
12. Mr. Subhash MTS    
13. Mr. Anil Sapkota Cook    
14. Ms. Usha MTS    
15. Mr. Narendra Singh MTS    
16. Mr. Akhalesh Kumar MTS    
17. Mr. Anil Kumar MTS    
18. Mr. Saurabh Kumar MTS    
19. Mr. K. Shaktivel MTS    
20. Mr. Sohan Singh Supervisor (Housekeeping)    
22. Mr. Padam P. Belbase Cook    
23. Mr. Sajjan Singh Horticulture Supervisor    
24. Mr. Suraj Shah MTS    
01. Mr. Ashok K. Yadav Driver    
02. Mr. Surgyan Singh Driver    
03. Mr. Umesh Saini Driver    
04. Mr. Manish Kumar Driver    
05. Mr. Roshan Lal Driver    
06. Mr. Sheoraj Driver    
07. Mr. Surender Singh Driver