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Student Testimonial-2

1. Can you share a brief background about yourself?
I have completed my B.A.LL.B.(Hons.) from University of Lucknow, and my LL.M. from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, with Constitutional and Administrative Law, as my specialisation. During my graduation, I was a recipient of the prestigious Dr. Chakravarti Gold Medal, in recognition of my academic performance. Prior to beginning my research at NLU Delhi, I have completed several years of internship at the District Court and the High Court of Delhi. I have also done plenty of volunteer work with UNICEF. I have several years of experience of working as an educator, with prior experience with edtech giants like Unacademy and a Bangalore-based non-profit eVidyaloka - which focuses on imparting education to students of rural government schools During my time at GNLU, I was a student Research Assistant under Prof. Asha Verma, where I worked at her Centre for Women and Child Laws. 
2. Why did you want to pursue a PhD program? 
I have always dreamed of pursuing an academic career for myself, and that was the primary reason for me wanting to do a Phd. Moreover, with a PhD, I will not only be able to contribute meaningfully to society, but at the same time dig deeper into the field of law - a subject which I am quite passionate about. With my Ph.D in Law, I see an opportunity to conduct in-depth research, gain a deeper understanding of complex legal issues, develop critical thinking skills and contribute to the body of legal knowledge, academia and discourse.  In my opinion, academics play a very important role in society by stirring socio-legal reform and becoming a beacon of justice. 
3. Can you tell us a brief about your research area?
For my research I shall be studying pension laws and their implementation in India, which lies at the intersection of labour law, constitutional law, social-welfare and regulatory laws. For this study, I will use a mix-method of legal research and I will approach this research from Constitutional Law perspective. For this research, I will aim to evaluate the feasibility of a single pension system and assess how the system can be made more equitable and accessible to a larger section of society. 
4. Can you tell us about your preparation for AILET 2023. How was the interview process? How did you prepare for the interview? A brief about what was asked?
I started preparing for my AILET Exam during my LL.M days. I relied on my previous knowledge and started doing quick revision of the important topics and relevant subjects. As the exam is both subjective and objective, apart from revising topics to accurately answer MCQs, I practiced a lot on how to write proper research proposals, how to formulate research questions, hypothesis etc. 
After clearing the AILET, we were asked to submit our research proposals. I kept working diligently at my draft and it underwent several revisions and re-revisions, before it was finally submitted to the University. Fortunately, it got accepted and I was called for the interview. I feel my understanding of research methodology and clarity about my research proposal helped me in securing my place at NLU Delhi. 
For the interview, I didn’t prepare anything specific, just re-read my proposal several times trying to find out the possible loopholes and probable questions that could be asked. My interview panel had 9 senior professors, including the then registrar ma’am, Dr. Harpreet Kaur and Prof. M.S.Sahoo sir. They asked me about my hypothesis, methodologies and a few aspects related to my proposal topic. The interview was smooth and I felt very comfortable, it was like a conversation. 
5. What are your plans for the future, after phd?

As stated above in my interview, I want to pursue a career in academics. So, right after my Ph.D., I will look for teaching opportunities. Also, I want to pursue LL.D. (Doctor of laws) degree, in the future as well, so that I can learn more and make a difference in my society, through my research and findings.