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The Centre has the mandate to develop regulations as a multi-disciplinary field of study that intertwines the disciplines of law, economics, management, accountancy and other behavioural sciences. It has commenced few credit courses on regulations in general, regulatory architecture and governance and regulations relating to securities, competition and insolvency in LLB and LLM programmes. It has also commenced research into regulations through PhD programme.

Background Note

Three decades of experience with regulations indicate a void in terms of human resources needed to make the market paradigm work. While reforms focussed on freedom, the task of building human resources for calibrating and implementing the requisite regulations has remained largely unattended, limiting the gains from reforms. To fill the void and build regulatory capacity for a market economy, the National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) has set up a Centre for Regulatory Studies.

Dr. M. S. Sahoo, who has two decades of experience in regulatory architecture and governance, is the Chairperson of the Centre. The University has a very well distinguished faculty engaged in cutting-edge teaching, research and publications in corporate and business laws and regulations, including competition, securities and insolvency.

Chief Patron
Professor (Dr.) G.S. Bajpai, Vice-Chancellor, NLUD

Prof. (Dr.) M. S. Sahoo, Distinguished Professor

Prof. (Dr.) Harpreet Kaur, Professor of Law and Registrar
Prof. (Dr.) Roopa Madhav, Professor of Law (Research)
Prof. (Dr.) Ritu Gupta, Professor of Law
Dr. Aparajita Bhatt, Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Abha Yadav, Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Raghav Pandey, Assistant Professor of Law
Dr. Dakshina Chandra, Assistant Professor of Law
Ms. Harshita Garg, Research Fellow
Dr. Risham Garg, Associate Professor of Law

Contact Details
Email:; Tel.: 91-11-28084391

Objectives of the Centre

  1. To develop regulations as a multi-disciplinary field of study that intertwines the disciplines of law, economics, management, accountancy, and behavioural sciences, by such measures as it thinks fit.
  2. providing for:
    (a) research through PhD in Law (Regulations), fellowships, projects and otherwise;
    (b) education through courses of different durations, appreciation courses, diploma courses, certificate courses, degree courses and otherwise;
    (c) outreach through seminars, workshops, publications and otherwise;
    (d) consultancy in the area of regulations and related subjects;;
    (e) knowledge management; and;
    (f) capacity development in the ecosystem.
  3. The Centre may carry on its activities in collaboration with a partner organization(s), and/or under sponsorship.

  4. The Centre proposes, in the short run, to offer appreciation / certification programmes for senior functionaries in regulatory agencies, law firms and businesses. It proposes to offer a one-year executive programme for young officers having regulatory experience of say about five years. As it acquires reasonable capacity, it proposes to launch a two-year post-graduate programme for graduates who wish to pursue a career in regulation and compliance. These post-graduates should readily be employable by firms, who intend to convert freedom to business, as well as by regulators and professional firms. Such a post-graduate programme will be the first of its kind in the world.